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Welcome to Real Breeder Website! My name is Hubert Zientek and I am Polish. I was born in 1968 in Milanówek (a small city near Warsaw) and grew up in the nearby city of Brwinów. In 1994, I graduated from Warsaw Agricultural University – majoring in Animal Sciences. In 1996, I completed the semester of international postgraduate studies at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS. Since 1999, I have been an editor-in-chief of Veterinary Magazine ( In 2000, I completed my dissertation and received Ph.D. Presently, I live and work in Warsaw and enjoy relaxing at my small garden plot in Milanówek, where I grow garden pond plants and breed garden pond fish, as well as aviary birds. I have a daughter, Nataly (born in 2001).

As a multi-hobbyist, I breed freshwater aquarium fish, coldwater garden pond fish and plants, caged birds, and terrarium animals (mainly newts, frogs, and lizards). Photography, fishing, and forestry are also hobbies of my interest. In the part “O mnie” (“About me”) you will find three pdf files with interviews (unfortunately in Polish only :)) made with me by editors of different hobby magazines.

My website is designed for advanced breeders of all aforementioned species with emphasis on animal reproduction. I am deeply convinced that consummation of an amateur breeding is getting an offspring which is healthy, robust and fitting of the defined species/variety standards. It is only then, that it is possible to know entirely, the biology of a species and derive full satisfaction from the hobby. Therefore, my focus is on helping those hobbyists whose breeding ambitions exceed the simple raising of animals for pets.

On my website, you will find tips on identifying gender, effective coupling and preparation of parents for reproduction, spawning tank/terrarium/breeding cage or aviary arrangement, tending and feeding, as well as how to raise the offspring. Good knowledge of those aspects allows a hobbyist to become a real breeder, rather than simply a pet keeper.

I hope that the information on my website will help you in achieving your breeding goals. My breeding tips, however, are not intended to be ultimate and I will mention that there are other successful breeding practices that may work well too.

I encourage you to study my blog entries (which are updated every ten days) as well as full length articles devoted to all previously mentioned animals/topics. I wish you a lot of satisfaction in using my web service and success in your breeding projects!

For anyone interested in my modest literary work, please take a look at publications I have written so far:

„My books”


Hubert Zientek, Warsaw, March 4, 2012.

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